The invites that we are going to use in our cowgirl birthday party may aid in encouraging our guests to attend the event and comply with our party requirements as well. For this reason, choosing what kind of party invitations we will be distributing to our guests is important to give them the impression that the party will definitely be fun and exciting.


The Feel Of The Cowgirl Birthday Party Invitations

The invitations must at least resemble that of the cowboy times in order for it to be more realistic. For instance, we may utilize “wanted person” posters as invitations. In this type of invites, a picture of the celebrant will be posted in the placard as a wanted person. It will be then followed by the details of the party. Another invitation idea that is similar to the wanted person invitation is the use of roundup invites. Unlike the wanted person posters, this kind of invitation doesn’t require the photo of the celebrant. All we have to do is to fill out the details of the event and we are ready for distributing them to our guests. As for sealing our envelopes, we can incorporate in it the initials of the celebrant by making improvised stamps like the one that sheriff uses.


The Ideal Stationaries For The Invites

Parchment papers are the perfect stationaries for a cowgirl party because this gives an authentic cowgirl look to the invites. In using this kind of paper, we may tear its edges and burn them in order to add a fancy effect on it. Aside from giving the western feel to the invites, using parchment papers can be relatively cheaper compared to the commercial stationaries available in the market. These stationaries are really ideal for people who wanted to save a lot in the invitation cost without sacrificing the quality of the invites.


Wordings To Be Placed On The Cowgirl Birthday Invites

For the wordings of the invitation, the old western slang used by cowboys during their time should be used. For instance, we can use “howdy!” as our greeting in our invites. Howdy is short for asking how do you do. This is very popular among westerners during the 18th century. Aside from howdy, other slang terms that we can use for our invites are yer, ol, and yee haw. Additionally, we can also use the term ranch in pertaining to the venue especially if the party will be hold in our own backyards at home. Creativity is the key to making good invitation wordings. There are many templates available online that can help us but it is better if we can make our own.


Additional Pointers

girlie_smallIn making the invitation, we must always remember to be creative and brief especially if we want our guests to comply with what is written in the invites. For instance, statements like “saddle up in your cowgirl attires” can mean that we are really obliging our guests to come in their costumes. Also, it might be helpful to provide a vicinity map inside the invitation. This way, our guests won’t end up being late for the cowgirl birthday party.

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