You are planning to make Hello Kitty birthday invitations for your little girl’s incoming birthday. However, you do not know where to start. Fret no more. I am here to give you steps and tips on how to make themed birthday invitations made of magnetic sheets. These steps are so easy that your little girl can even help you.


Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations: The Things You Need

You need to prepare all the things you need such as photos of your daughter, A4 sized sticker sheets, A4 sized magnetic sheets, computer, printer, software for editing, envelopes, colored pens and cutter.


Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations: The Simple Steps

1)      Choose the best and recent photo of your daughter. Edit if necessary such as cropping the photo to fit your desired size of invites. Put it at the center of your working area.

2)      Using a software, layout your preferred size. For instance, four by four inches.

3)      Choose a border. It could be small bows, Hello Kitty icons or anything associated with Hello Kitty.

4)      Choose a picture of Hello Kitty and put it at the side.

5)      Decorate as much as you want. Just remember not to over crowd the pictures and the texts. Also, leave enough space for the details of the party.

6)      Once you have finalized everything, the photo, designs and the information, you are now ready to print on your sticker sheets.

7)      Check how many pieces of invites that will fit in an A4 sized sticker sheet of your desired size.

8)      Once you are done printing on sticker sheets the desired number you need, you can now put it on the magnetic sheets.

9)      Carefully place the sticker paper on the magnetic sheet.

10)  Cut each of the invites using a cutter.


The Information Your Invites Must Include

In a simple invitation like this that you do not have enough space, you have to make sure that it will still contain the necessary information. For instance, you will be having a slumber birthday party for your daughter.

Apart from the necessary details such as the place, date and time, you need to include the attire and what they need to bring. Since it is a themed birthday party, they have to wear Hello Kitty sleeping outfits and bring Hello Kitty stuff like pillows, bags, towel and other accessories. You need to tell your guests as well that you are going to prepare foods and goodies. Tell them to prepare for the exciting and fun games. You need to start the excitement with your invitations by telling your guests what to expect.




Tips To Remember

Here are some tips that you need to remember when making you birthday invitations.

  • I suggest you include your daughter while preparing the invites. This will make her feel that she has contributed something in preparing her own birthday invitations.
  • You can put each of the finished product inside an envelope or you can simply distribute the invites to your guests.

Take note of the above steps and tips on how to make Hello Kitty birthday invitations made of magnetic sheets to guarantee that all your guests will remember your daughter’s event.



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