Throwing a birthday party for a girl is very interesting. Everything has to be done very carefully and planned well in advance as girls are very finicky. It is fun as choice of birthday party ideas for girls is unlimited.

Girls love to enjoy fun filled parties with their own friends. They are generally not fond of sporty parties but one which is filled with fancy stuff, lights, music, balloons and colorful items. Normally giving a birthday party is rather an extravagant affair but one should take precautions to curb the budget and also make it a memorable party for your doll.

Usually the venue is home or some party centre, an amusement park, a hotel or just a lawn. Birthday party ideas for girls also include movie parties, theatre parties or picnics. If at home, have it in the garden or terrace of your house.

Invitations for girls are found easily in the marts, with different patterns like dolls, fairy, flowers, with bows and frills on it. Personally prepared ones are more affordable and pleasing; you can do them in pink, paste flowers, doll pictures, cartoon pictures or fairies on it and decorate the edges with ribbons.

Now for the selection of theme, it is so easy. Her favorite story book or poetry character, movie theme, Barbie doll theme, pink party, cartoons will be exciting. Tent parties and sleepovers are some birthday party ideas for girls that you can think about.

Decorations solely depend on the theme of the party. Lots of colorful balloons, confetti, flowers should be taken into account. Make a niche with her choice of dolls and toys, dolls house, fairy lights, festoons, ribbons and frills. An interesting birthday party idea for girls is to take pink drapes and form an arch over the entrance, flowers, and balloons, ribbons put up around the windows, doors, tables and chairs.

Order the birthday cake with pink candles. The shape should be as per her choice – doll shaped fairy tale character, sports models or musical instruments that she enjoys. A square or round cake with flowers decorating the base and a doll poised on top of it is lovely.

Games for the party should be planned carefully. Races, musical chairs, newspaper dances, fancy dress, treasure hunt, karaoke, singing competitions, dressing for a party competition, mini cookery contest are some of the interactive and fascinating birthday party ideas for girls.

Organizing favors is the easiest job for a girl’s party. They love little jewelry items like bracelets, earrings, and beads. Make nice bags in different shades and fill them up with cookies and candies, with hair clips or some trinkets. Attractive purses, note books and pens are always welcome.

So go ahead and throw a birthday party for your little girl. It will be fun not only for her but for you as well. Planning birthday party ideas for girls is great and age is no bar. They all love the same things but some items change according to age.

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  • Some great party decorations you have listed here, i love the idea of making the invitations yourself. I wouldn’t have even thought about that but like you have said, it makes them more personal.

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