Time to celebrate your Golden Jubilee? It is indeed a celebration time when one has crossed this milestone. The planning should be done carefully, not a very sentimental one also with a hint of humor in it. At this stage, the best 50th birthday party idea is to organize a gold themed party.

Invitations should be worded with great care and you can paste a photograph of the person on it or numerical 50 in blazing colors on it. Chart out a list of invitees, comprising of small group of close friends, family members and maybe colleagues. Send the cards well in advance.

As for 50th birthday party ideas for the venue, home is the best option or club or hotel because this party can be a formal dinner party or one that is easy to enjoy, to relax and to chill out at home. It all depends on the mood of the birthday person. They have to decide and you have to follow.

Themes do not have too much variations, mostly 50s based, moods of an era, favorite movie or sports personality. No need for too garish ones.

Outdoor party or indoor is your choice and lay out the décor accordingly. If outdoor, then except for lights, festoons and music no other decorations are necessary. However, if it is indoors, then flower arrangements should definitely be there, seating needs will be only chairs and sofas but can include divans with colorful cushions. Festoons with balloons in gold with 50 sparkling on them will liven up the atmosphere.

The birthday cake has to be gold based. 50th birthday party ideas for the cake can be a simple 50 shaped, heart shaped, with lots of roses strewn on them or with a base of gold flowers. Shape and sizes should be decided in consultation with family members but a beautiful 2 or 3 tier cakes on a base with gold trimmings will be lovely. Another choice is to have the cake with the figure of the male or female on it. A gold leaf cake is unique.

Entertainment at such a party is generally music, dance, some guessing games, choosing the right partner, or musical arms. An interesting 50th birthday party idea is to hire a live band and impersonators, who will act out characters and others, guess them. Different types of dances, right from early 50s can form a part of entertainment. It’s amusing to see people sway to some soft tune or vigorously shake a leg on a lively band.

Food usually consists of an array of dishes with hors d’oeuvre, salads, two or three courses of meals; one can also have the formal six-course meal. People relish sea food along with red or white meat but now the modern trend is to go vegan. That is the point really. Go with the flow. Parting gifts are not practical now but if you wish, then music CDs, books or some small memento is best.

Plan well with interesting 50th birthday party ideas and sit back and enjoy.

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